“The yoga sessions I have had with Nicky has transformed the art of yoga for me and my understanding of my personal thresholds. I never thought I could move my yoga on in such a profound way. Nicky’s focus and dedication to your personal needs is very impressive. I found the personal sessions in my house had a subtle intensity which I had never experienced before. My sessions with Nicky have not only moved my yoga on immeasurably but she has given me a deeper understanding of my body which has greatly increased my confidence.”

  Coll, Notting Hill


“I have achieved weight loss and I am developing a healthier system to cope with and maintain my M.S. My posture, balance, suppleness and well being is so much better having been taught by Nicky that I have now incorporated yoga into my every day life.”

  Angela, Surrey


 “Every week I felt like I’d had a full body work-out and yet also felt the stresses of the day melt away. I would recommend the class to anyone. Nicky has a modern, fresh approach to teaching yoga, which is what has made her classes different to any that I had been to previously.”

  Laura, Chiswick


  “I felt naturally energised, calmly alert, positive and much more motivated.”

  David, Borough


“Nicky is very passionate and committed and helps each individual to challenge their own limits and reach their full potential. As a result, I experienced both an enhanced spiritual, mental and physical well-being. I would certainly recommend this!”

  Ruth, Turnham Green


 “People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

  Elisabeth Kubler–Ross


“Nicky is an incredible teacher always offering generous, energetic and clear instruction. I have always lacked confidence with my body and have never maintained diets to get the kind of body I would like. But following Nicky’s yoga practice/ballet DVD I now have a strong and lean body. Nicky’s ballet DVD is broken down into manageable sections, allowing me to slot it into my busy schedule and focus on my problem area, my stomach, which is now showing signs of a six pack and feels much healthier! The first time in my life I feel comfortable in a bikini and there’s never a need to think about dieting! Her teaching has given me the confidence to try new postures and trust my strength will build.

I leave Nicky’s class feeling energised, confident, and peaceful. Her yogic teachings of calmness, gentleness and acceptance have had a transformative effect in my life. Nicky has inspired me to make yoga a way of life.

 I would highly recommend Nicky’s Ballet DVD/yoga class to everyone.”

  Sandu, West London


“I have been participating in Nicky’s classes since May 2012, having been looking for the right instructor for me for a few years without much success. It’s not that I’m so fussy, but I did want a teacher who taught both the physical and the emotional, and gave importance to breathing.

Well, I found what I was looking for in Nicky, in this, and also in her attention to posture, and in re-aligning us so we don’t do ourselves an injury, and I guess, equally importantly in the attitude she brings to the class – energy, challenge, and a real kind welcome to all who come through the doors.

 I have been happily attending each week for more than a year now, aware of my increasing strength and stamina, and really pleased just with this. A few weeks ago, however, something happened that I really wasn’t expecting. There is one position that we do, headstands, that I really didn’t enjoy doing at all. I have had to attempt this for years, in various classes, and would generally try to bluff my way through, hoping the teacher would be busy with other people who were getting on more easily with this, and not notice me. “Not so lucky” this time, Nicky had been watching what was going on with me for a while, and noticed how I moved my neck in a way that wasn’t helping me. She drew my attention to what was happening, and in my attempt to not let my neck move, I actually stood on my head for the first time – I couldn’t let my neck move, so something else had to act instead. Couldn’t believe it; but ever since I have had a little voice in my head, telling me that if this is possible, after 10 years of “trying” and really thinking I’d never do it, then really, anything is possible!”

  Anita Chakraborty