Vinyasa Flow Yoga

During this dynamic practise you will be invited to awaken the flow of yoga within as we move the body in synchronisation with the breath like the ebb and flow of the sea. Through ancient yogic techniques (postures, breathing, meditation, relaxation) and original ‘Shine Yoga’ transitions you will explore and express the physical and spiritual to refine and enliven your awareness of self, ultimately building inner and outer strength, grace and flexibility to suit your present day needs.

The main purpose of the Vinyasa Flow practise is to search for truth; of Mind and Body leading us to our true Spirit, and essentially towards our highest potential.

Weds 1.15 – 2.15pm


First Dance Studios, Heather Farm, Horsell, GU21 4XY

To book please Call 07966 513981


£80 Loyalty card (10 classes) or

£9 Drop in class

Classes ongoing (sticking to term times)


VINYASA FLOW    Sat 11-12   My Yoga Studio, 15 Sundridge Rd,             £10

GU22 9AU                                                 per class

Booking essential as limited space




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Beginner’s Yoga

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