Ballet Yoga

This is a fun and exciting class designed to get you feeling lighter, fitter, releasing tension, expressing yourself and dancing to the max with confidence, grace and ease. You will explore and develop your yoga technique and classical beginners ballet in a safe, healthy and enjoyable way.

The class begins with simple yogic pranayama (breathing) and a vinyasa (flowing) floor sequence, followed by ballet barre and centre work interspersed with relevant yoga asanas (positions) throughout.

You will learn some fun, easy, lyrical ballet yoga routines so you get the chance to move through the space, feel the rhythm and enjoy yourself! Finally we finish with some restorative yoga asanas leaving you not only more flexible and lithe but also calm and happy!


Dates and locations
5th Dec 15:00 – 16:30
British Yoga Festival
per class

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Ballet Yoga

“Ballet Yoga combines the best fundamentals of both yoga and ballet to create amazing toned, lean muscles in your body. By integrating the finest of these schools of techniques, you get the benefits of the strengthening and toning exercises of ballet repetitions while still flowing through the beneficial vinyasa yoga sequence. Choreographed around the normal sun salutation of yoga, Nicky has combined some ballet movements into the practices to enhance the sequences such as focusing on core moves and creating perfect posture without interrupting the nature of a yoga practice.”

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