Ballet Fitness

Ballet Fitness is my own specially created fusion of contemporary ballet mixed with a fun and effective physical fitness programme.

These classes have been designed to introduce you, with ease, to safe and effective ballet technique so you can learn how to move with grace, poise, agility and length. Ballet will help you find your true hip turn out, locate and strengthen your core muscles, improve your control and balance and leave you feeling lighter. Combine all this with my favourite workout exercises for a great overall muscle-conditioning programme.

Regular Ballet fitness classes will build endurance, stamina, body awareness, co-ordination, flexibility, and especially target and tone those hips, bums and tums. You will be able to move with confidence and accomplish some simple yet rewarding dance routines. Ballet Fitness classes give you the means to create your own toned lithe, strong and beautiful ballet body.

Dates and locations
Starting in Jan 2018.  Please pre book your place in the class.


per class



for 6 consecutive classes

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Ballet Fitness

“Choreographer Nicky McGinty presents six ballet and fitness programmes designed to target and firm specific body parts as well as give you an overall cardiovascular workout.”

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The incredible lightness of being! - Milan Kundera